About us

We are an international fashion company of vintage inspiration, established in northern Spain. With our unique timeless treasures, we encourage free spirit and adventurous young men and women, to express themselves through their style and to live under their own terms.


We inspire with passion and creativity, setting trends by providing authentic and redesigned vintage clothes, offering valuable one of a kind pieces and participating actively in sustainable development. 


We provide vintage products of high quality materials, ensuring durability, resistance and unique design. Our products don’t have expiration date!

Each vintage item is carefully selected and passes under rigorous quality control regimes before being sent. Years ago, garments were manufactured with the mission of lasting out and being kept in excellent conditions for a long period of time. 

Nowadays, clothes in the market, don’t last long, they get damaged very easily due to the materials and manufacturing.


Our clothes are completely sweatshop free. The conditions of our workers are totally decent, they are fairly-paid and motivated. We make sure that people who work in Arizona Vintage is happy with their job and in love with vintage style.


Arizona Vintage is also strongly committed to sustainability. We recycle vintage clothes and turn them into unique fashion pieces.

Arizona Studio is our own fresh collection of reworked vintage treasures. High quality fragments from all over the world and different decades specially designed for free spirit people. Perfect combination between vintage inspiration and current trends.